Gang Violence – It Could Happen in Your Town

Three people were arrested for a stabbing that broke out in Huntington Station.  They have been confirmed as MS-13 gang members and students at Huntington High School. 

Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini stated that a group of teens were in the Burger King on New York Ave., when they noticed a group of six males they recognized from school starting at them in a threatening manner, so they left the restaurant. 

The menacing group charged at the teens with bats and knives.  A 16-year-old male was stabbed in the back and another 16-year-old male also suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  The attackers fled the scene by car, and three were arrested: Nobeli Montes Zuniga, 20, Ramon Arevalo Lopez, 19 and Oscar Canales Molina, 17.  Police say they had blood on their clothing, hands, vehicle interior and blood on weapons in their possession.  The DA says Zuniga, Lopez and Molina are all from Huntington Station, enrolled at Huntington High School, entered the country illegally and are confirmed members of MS-13.

"While it's not clear what the groups were fighting about, one thing is clear; everyone arrested are confirmed members of MS-13, and the incident is a reminder of this gang's violent ways," Suffolk County Police Commissioner Geraldine Hart said.

Bail for Zuniga, Lopez and Molina was each set at $35,000 cash or $75,000 bond. Their charges carry a maximum sentence of 2 1/3 to 7 years in prison if convicted.

What this shows us is that gangs don’t really need a reason to attack people.  Dozens of teens have been found dead or are missing on Long Island in the last two years.  Many bodies were found in the woods, where MS-13 members allegedly like to hang out. 

Sgt. Steve Lundquiest is a gang expert with the Suffolk Co. Sheriff’s Office.  He states that “graffiti marks a territory. It announces to the community that there is a gang in their area. When you look for gang graffiti, you look for different colors, you look for numbers and letters. You can see, it─ it announces their clique. The BLS is the Brentwood Loca Salvatrucha clique. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was in Brentwood. It could be in another town, and they’re letting the other town know that not only are we in Brentwood, we’re in your town also.”  The number 503 is often associated with MS-13 because it is the area code for El Salvador. 

The Suffolk County Police Department went into overdrive in their pursuit of gangs after two young girls were killed using machetes and bats.  MS-13 was then seen as more than just a threat to members of rival gangs.  No matter where you live, you need to be on the lookout for signs of gang activity and keep your students, neighbors and family safe.

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