Finger Gun Story

It is a necessary job of the public education system to protect its students, and take action in violent situations. However, oftentimes it seems as though faculty and staff of certain schools misinterpret situations as being violent. As a result, their students may face undeserving consequences. At Valley Forge Elementary School in Chester County, an innocent act of a child resulted in the alerting of authorities.

It all started when a six year old child pointed a finger gun at a teacher and said ‘I shoot you.’ The child’s mother, Maggie Gaines, admitted that her daughter’s action should have earned her a trip to the principal's office, but the teacher escalated the situation much further than it needed to be. The teacher ended up making a call to the police, claiming she was following the district policy. Not only is the use of a finger gun completely age- appropriate behavior for a six year old, but the child had down syndrome as well. This really reinforces the need for all of us to consider things in the proper context.


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